UXLink LLC. is the provider of various webinars and training. In order to insure that everything runs smoothly general cancellation and refund policies are as follows.

If there are any questions to these policies please feel free to reach out to us.

General Cancellation Policies

Any request by a registered event or program participant (registrant) must be sent via email to the event contact address that is provided in your Online Registration Receipt and Registration Confirmation Email.

For fee-based events, a request for cancellation (and refund) will be accepted up to the deadline of, 30 days in advance of the event. In order to provide an event. UXLink must make various commitments in order to provide an event. Making changes will result in additional costs and/or penalties for UXLink.

Refund Policy

Except for the cancellation policy described above, all payments and fees are nonrefundable. It is expected that attendees will assess the appropriateness of an event and/or training by reviewing the event and/or course descriptions and schedules in advance of purchase or registration.

Event Replay

All content such as fully recored live video as well as download materials will be made available to event registrants for a period of 7 days after the “live” event. The content will be placed within a secure area of UXLink and a link will be emailed to all attendees 24 hours after the “live” event. The link to the content can not be shared with non-event attendees. Doing so will be in breach of these policies.

Pre-Recored Video

UXLink wants to insure that attendees are able to see the speakers and/or training being promoted. UXLink has requested that all speakers and/or trainers provide their content in pre-recorded videos. UXLink reserves the right to substitute a “live” speaker and/or trainer for their pre-recored video segment in case a speaker and/or trainer is unable to present live. This allows UXLink the ability to still insure that the discussion and/or training that was marketed will be delivered.

Technical Requirements & Policy

UXLink utilizes various 3rd party solutions for ticketing and overall video webinar fulfillment. UXLink makes no warranties on 3rd party solutions. All efforts are made prior to an event to insure that proper delivery and technical operation is in place in order to try an meet attendee expectation.

If there is a disruption within or during an event and/or training. All efforts will be made during the event to rectify the problem.

If due to technical issues that can not be overcome during a “live” event. All pre-recorded videos and hand out materials will be made available to attendees for a period of 7 days after the “live” event. Attendees will be notified of content availability within 24 hours after the “live” event.

No refunds will be available due to technical difficulties that may result in the cancellation of the “live” event. Due to the reason that UXLink has insured that all of the marketed content including video segments and hand out materials will be made available to attendees.

Speaker and/or Trainer Cancellation

Speakers and/or trainers can cancel 45 days prior to the event “live” date. This will allow UXLink the opportunity to fill the empty position.


All products and/or services not given to attendees for any reason will be returned to the sponsor within 30 days of the “live” event.

UXLink reserves the right to edit, change and modify within reason these terms and conditions.

Personal Information

This one is really easy. We hate spam just as much as you do. We won’t sell or give away your information to anyone unless ordered by a court. It’s that simple. What you give to us stays with us.